Vancouver SEO Consultant | 10 Website Must Haves

In this video, Slav, a local Internet Marketing and SEO consultant from Vancouver, BC, talks about services his company ( , Slavtech Marketing Inc.) offers. After that, you can watch a free SEO tutorial. The video discusses ten business website must haves. All of the ten points are a vital part of an overall SEO strategy and will have the direct impact on your website’s rankings.

1. Website optimization
2. Mobile-Friendliness
3. Page Speed
4. Presence in the top social media sites
5. Presence in the top 50-100 local business directories
6. Top competition analysis
7. Visible contact info
8. Use videos on your website
9. Backlinks
10 About Us and Testimonials on the Site

The video also refers to these four pages:


Video Marketing

End of the video highlights that the team at has knowledge and needed skills to do all of the points mentioned.

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