Top 3 SEO Tips from 3 Pros

Below are top 3 SEO tips from my weekly Top 3 Videos.

Hope they will be of help to you.


Great video from fellow Seo Experts Dan who gives some really cool tips here for improving your seo before you engage any seo services. Easy to follow and straight to the point. Backlinking is very important and also personal written keyworded content is high up the ladder of importance these days.



What are the top 3-5 SEO areas where webmasters make the most mistakes?
How can we do better on those?
Warren Redlich, Boca Raton, FL

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Myth #1 — Don’t Have Too Many Internal Links On Your Site
Internal links? Do whatever you want!
Look at wikipedia or yahoo
Internal linking to other internal pages for the convenience of your reader is a GOOD THING.
Reference other relevant content on your site.
Keep people on your site and engaged!
Pass “link juice” to other pages in yoursite!

Myth #2 — Duplicate Content
“Google penalizes sites with duplicate content.” Well, define “duplicate content!”
You don’t want the same content on your site more than once…
But if you’re curating content from other websites, you’re good!

Myth #3 — Get Backlinks From Relevant Websites In Your Niche
While it may be “nice” to get links from highly relevant sites in your industry, it’s still more important to have MORE backlinks than your competitors in general… regardless of the sites linking back to you.
CASE STUDY: we used backlinks on random sites in other languages and still ranked a website that was in English.
Different topic
Different language.

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