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Just a small talk about the SEO Training courses in London by the best SEO Consultant in Harrow London. In this video I explain about the best training courses we provide at Bermotech and the Services and lifestyle academy we run here in London. So if you are looking to learn SEO technqiues to optimize your own website or simply become a local #SEO   #consultant  like me, contact me through

During the this video I talk about why I start the SEO training courses in London and how you can benefit form taking one of those SEO training courses we conduct at our #Finchley #London training institute.

The courses starts from £100 for a full day comprehensive session where you will learn everything about search engine optimization and how to do it yourself for your websites and your local client websites, if you are into local client consultancy like me.

You can see all the details on or contact me via my personal website and new SEO Agency in London websites is coming live soon with all the best information and resources for you.

Visit: for more articles about SEO and how to basically make money online from learning the best SEO techniques. As you may probably know, learning how to move website to the top of the search engine results has tremendous advantage in making money online and getting more leads. As I explained this is one of the most essential skills you could ever gain in the digital economy.

With that been said, if you are also looking to master the art of search engine optimization, I invite you to take one of our SEO Training courses in London, which we conduct at Bermotech. See all the detail here:

And if you are just looking for SEO Outsourcing services to basically rank your own websites and increase the leads, give me call on 07576604928 and I will tell you how.

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