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I am Steven Graham creator of Local Business Ranker. I am much more than another Phoenix SEO expert. We are more than a Phoenix Social Media Marketing company. We are a dream fulfilment company.

My goal is to help you fulfil your dreams the way I have been able to fill mine. I moved to Costa Rica over ten years ago with my ex-wife and two daughters. We didn’t speak Spanish and did not know anyone. I became a SEO, SMM, Gorilla Marketing expert.

I came started up catering business making lunches for sportsbook’s offices in San Jose, Costa Rica out of my house. I needed to know where my prospects hung out. There was an online forum for Expats. Day one I gave away four free meatball subs to see if we could deliver a hot tasty sandwich. It worked. The next day we sold worth of sandwiches. Almost a year later we were in our new location in Escazu and did over ,000 in sales in one day.

All this through Social Media Marketing before it existed in the form it does today.

My advice if you have a dream, go for it. Throw caution to the wind and realise that the worse that can happen is you fail and have a great learning experience. Pushing 11 years later I am still living in Central America.

I split my time between here in Nicaragua with my wife and Sun Lakes, AZ where I visit my parents. With my business in Costa Rica still paying me dividends.

Are you a dreamer?

Are you a doer?

I am an expert at starting and growing a business. Now at 50, tired of the bar/restaurant business, I want to help others achieve their dreams.
Let me show you how to:

1) Build a presence online.
2) Build a social media following.
3) Rank your website .
4) Build a sales funnel to convert prospects to clients.

Fill out your contact form and will reach out to you. I am looking for a few people to help one on one. If I like what I see I will set up a time where we can chat on Skype or visit in person if I am in Arizona.

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