How SEO works in 90 seconds | Vancouver SEO Expert 2016

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Learn the basics of SEO and find out how seo works in 90 seconds. With this video you can find out how we can get your website and business to the top of Google and dominate your competition. Our Vancouver based expert SEO service team has the knowledge to satisfy all of your internet marketing needs wherever you live!

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2 thoughts on “How SEO works in 90 seconds | Vancouver SEO Expert 2016”

  1. This is a great start, but is perhaps a bit too simple. I'd also add to this list a few things, including:

    – Indexation: You can't rank if you're not indexed
    – Context: Google provides rich results that vary by the user's history and search behavior. Are they looking for research, a video, or an image, for example? When they search for "Bush", do they want the former president, the candidate, or are they interested in gardening?
    – Platform: Google ranks differently based on device. Mobile results can be different than desktop

    and the list goes on. I don't feel it's about simply keywords and links anymore.

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