Don’t Work With A Columbus SEO Company…Find Out Why

The Case Against Working With A Columbus SEO Company

Guaranteed higher rankings, piles of traffic, and all kinds of other false promises.

This is what Columbus SEO companies have to offer.

My name is Andy Greene and I am not a Columbus SEO Company.

I am the person other marketing companies/SEOs turn to when a local SEO firm has ruined a site and they are desperate for a solution

Google changes daily and what other Columbus SEO companies are offering does not work anymore.

Who I am to say this?

*Hundreds of SEOs and online marketers tune into my monthly radio show to find out what works right now in Google

*I was trained by the guy that does SEO for Sony, WebMD, AOL, IBM, Allstate and who teaches the US Patent Office about SEO so they can issue SEO patents.

*I work with a group of SEOs that have page 1 rankings for more than 20,000 keywords and generated over ,600,000 in sales from SEO in the gold market in July 2013 alone.

So no matter what Google does, I can keep sites ranked. When these other SEO firms you see advertising run into particularly hairy issues, they sneak me in the back door to solve the problem so the client doesn’t find out how little they actually know.

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20 thoughts on “Don’t Work With A Columbus SEO Company…Find Out Why”

  1. This video is hilarious to me. It is an out-of-market marketer telling you why "all Columbus SEO companies are scams," yet all he has done is produce a low quality video talking about stuff that SEO companies already know that promotes a promise-filled fix. He found a market in which he was losing business to, published this video with a fear-inducing title & then bought upvotes, views & comments to falsify publicity & credibility. Read the comments. They're all spam & when you search IBV Marketing in Google, you get "Market America is a Scam." Let that sink in.

    I would consider this gray hat/black hat marketing. This is EXACTLY the type of thing that you SHOULDN'T do to win in the search engine optimization game, yet because this is a Youtube video, it gets a specific amount of credibility by Google & ranked above some companies out there who truly know what they're doing. Do you REALLY think that a company doesn't look at ROI when performing an SEO campaign?

    This is my heartfelt to business owners out there looking to invest in digital marketing & search engine optimization: don't listen to this video. Sit down with an SEO expert. Discuss ROI. Discuss the deliverables. Please don't dismiss all marketing agencies because of these players scammed the system to get a spam video up on Youtube. To SEO companies in Columbus, create a video discussing why you SHOULD work with a Columbus Ohio SEO agency.

  2. I approve this, I think this video is very informative! Additionally I want to mention that I am a video marketer and I use youtube for web traffic. Wondering how I do it? I have compiled all my knowledge into a course that is by far the best guide on video marketing ever. You have to visit my youtube channel to check it out. To your success!!

  3. Although this Youtube video ranks well in Google, this gentleman's own web site is at best on Page 2 of Google for several SEO / Columbus keywords. What does that tell you? And most of the below comments look like paid comments from spammers. Be careful.

  4. Hi Isaias,

    We focus on local businesses. We find it works out best for everyone when we focus on growing your business instead of the long term contracts other SEOs seem to love. 

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