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A mobile Friendly website improves your business rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Having a mobile optimised website is a key factor to improve a business position in the digital market.

Some tips to make sure your website is mobile-friendly:

1)Avoid using Flash: The majority of mobile browsers are not able to render Flash content.
2)Set your web page viewport properly: The viewport meta tag is what creates the browser instructions to adjust the page dimensions to fit different device widths.
3)Do not use small font: Google recommends using at least a 16 font size
4)No full-screen pop-ups: They simply do not work well on a mobile device.
5)Speed: Speed loading is one of the ranking factors used by Google, it is a fact that slow loading speed websites are less attractive to users.

At Cima- SEO Adelaide our commitment is to boost your business ranking, this will attract more customers and your business will grow faster and stronger.

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