19 thoughts on “$400k 3 Step Stealth SEO Client Selling Process (The Unrefusable Offer)”

  1. Does anybody think that me only being 16 will affect my ability to sell to clients? I want to start doing seo and I plan on calling businesses, but I don't want to start using my own money if being young will stand in my way of profit

  2. Great video! How do you get the site to rank high in Google immediately? Any quick steps would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  3. In case people wont agree to promote the long term keywords as they know long tail is easy to rank . they tell to get rank to X/Y keywords then I can trust you !!!

  4. So in order to do the free long-tail SEO for them, you'd have to get permission to edit their page, correct? Or are there ways to influence their page rank without directly altering their site?

  5. don't we end up going too far from the idea that making money online is ultimately based on providing value?

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